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Booking Terms & Conditions

1. Terms & Payment

To be settled in full as per the letter of confirmation.

2. Cancellation

In the event of the guest deciding to cancel the agreement, a cancellation charge will be levied as per the letter of confirmation.

3. Special Set-up

In compliance with the Fire and Safety Regulations, please note that metal structures or truss hanging from the ceiling or, extensive lighting and audio / visual equipment requiring more than 30 amperes, 3-phase 400-volt power supply are not allowed.

4. Organiser’s Liability

The Organiser will be held liable for any damage done to the function space by his guests during the function and or his agents and or helpers who carry work in the premises that are directly or indirectly related to the function. Happy Cube reserves the right to claim from the organiser for any damages caused.

5. Displays, Decorations

A. The Organiser shall ensure that no displays and/or decoration materials shall be pinned, nailed, taped, screwed or otherwise affixed to any part of the function space unless approval has been granted by Happy Cube.

B.The organizer shall not place any display or function related items in a position, which blocks the fire doors or exits of the premises.

6. Non-Liability

A. Happy Cube will not be responsible for any goods or articles brought into Happy Cube
premises (whether by the Organiser, his Agents or Guests).

B. Happy Cube shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to or incurred by any person attending the function at the our premises.

7. Nature of Function

A. Happy Cube reserves the right to cancel the agreement should the nature of the function deviate from the original intent as agreed in the confirmation and any deposit received shall be forfeited.

B. Happy Cube shall have the right to stop any activity, which it considers improper or unsafe.

8. Impossibilities of Performance

A. Happy Cube shall be excused from performing its obligation under the agreement in the event of the occurrence of any reasons beyond the control of Happy Cube, including but not limited to acts of God, terrorist acts, laws or restraints by government authorities, force majeure, riots and strike.

B. Happy Cube reserves the right to cancel the agreement by providing immediate notice to the Organiser should Happy Cube be unable to carry out the whole or part of its obligations. In the case of such a termination, the organizer will not have claims against Happy Cube.

C. Happy Cube will not be liable of any subsequent cost of damage incurred by the Organiser.

Should such impossibilities of performance occur, Happy Cube shall do its best to remedy the situation.