The Story Behind

Happy Cube, as seen by the logo, is made up of 5 colors, representing 5 girlfriends, who are like sisters, and always kids at heart.

Black: A free spirit who loves sunsets, rainbows & colors. Hence the color black, as it contains all colors in one. She is someone who truly believes in “Being happy, never goes out of style”.

Green: As her color suggests, she is always on the “go”, but her frequency is always a little off from the rest. A tech geek & foodie. Curious with everything under the sun.

Pink: A sweet (literally) lady as her color suggests. She is a modern capable career woman, who loves to bake & has a super sweet tooth.

Purple: Comforting like lavender, she’s the only mother amongst the 5, family-oriented, and extremely good with kids & elderly.

Red: Just like her color red, she stands out in the crowd, mostly being mistaken as an Eurasian. But don’t be fool by this fake “Ang Mor”, she is indeed a pure Chinese who cannot speak Mandarin. She is a strong independent woman, and a health fitness guru who loves the unicorn.

Despite their differences in looks, style, personalities & characteristics (many still cannot believe these 5 are friends since school days). Regardless of how busy and moody they are in the face of work, relationships, life & everything under the sun. These 5 girlfriends are always able to make each other smile (or rather laugh till the next block could hear them) whenever they are together.

In essence, creating happiness simply just by being together.
With this in mind, these 5 ladies created a special space just for you, for family, friends, colleagues, and anyone you can think of, to bring together their differences, have the chance to connect/bond, and to share & spread happiness.